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Clear as Mud

By 1945 top economics departments in the United States were filled with young scholars who had both learned and implemented (through direct policymaking) the new economic ideas of the day. The time was ripe for a new textbook that could teach these ideas to the largest generation of students (expanded massively by the GI Bill) ever to attend college. And no one thought for a moment that Keynes’s great book could serve as such an introduction: the exposition of ideas in that text was obtuse and impenetrable — clear as mud. (Chambers, 2022, p. x)

到 1945 年,美国顶尖的经济学系充满了年轻的学者。他们学习并且(通过直接制定政策)实施了新的经济学思想。当时又迎来了最大规模的大学新生。引入新教材讲授这些经济学思想的时机已经成熟。然而,没有人想过要把凯恩斯的巨著作为入门教材。那本书写得晦涩难懂,清晰如泥。

Chambers, S. A. (2022). Capitalist Economics. Oxford University Press

(as) clear as mud

[humorous] very difficult to understand (Cambridge, Macmillan dictionary)

His instructions were as clear as mud.

His explanation was as clear as mud.